Resurrection and kingdom

Empty tomb

Forget whether it is scientifically possible. The Resurrection can still be a positive sign about the Kingdom of God

Hell: the worst theory ever


Response to an email and video received. How much damage does fear of hell do?

African murders and the Archbishop’s dilemma

Justin Welby in radio interview

We can sympathise with Justin Welby's concern for African Christians threatened by opponents of gay marriage. But how should church leaders respond?

On giving the dead a good send-off


Why does it matter so much to us to dispose of the dead in a way that reflects their lives?

Degenerate atheism


Nietzsche was more consistent than his present day successors: atheism cannot justify modern liberal values.

Statins and profits


My experience leaves me in no doubt that statins have side-effects. Those who deny it are probably influenced by the profit motive; and behind that lies a dubious model of health.

Illegal law and police brutality at Barton Moss

Excerpt from video

Responding to a video of police brutality at Barton Moss: why do the police do these things and why does the Government let them?

From tooth fairy to God


Our children depend on us to explain reality, but there is also a place for stories to develop the imagination. How to encourage them without misleading them?

Work and jobs: what's the connection?

Sports car

God, poverty and economic imperatives

Bishop David Urquhart

In the light of increasing poverty, why not just redistribute the wealth? Where do our economic imperatives come from?

Church teaching and the general understanding of marriage

Wedding rings

The House of Bishops' statement: are they exaggerating the extent of the change with the introduction of gay marriages?

Positive money

Man holding money

The financial crash will happen again and again unless we change things. Here's a proposal

The bishops: the real opposition?

Vincent Nichols

On the recent increase of poverty, church leaders seem better able to speak up for the poor than politicians can. Why is that?

Gay marriage: the bible is not perspicuous


The Bible's teaching is not 'clear' or 'perspicuous', least of all on sexual ethics. When people claim that it is, church leaders should stand up to them.

Churches: believing, expressing, relating


Liberal Christians like to think for ourselves. Apart from what we don't believe, do we need to be more positive about what we do believe?

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